Month: March 2013

“My Awesomeness”

I think it is all too often that we forget to marvel in our own awesomeness.  As members of society, we are taught to have humility and not boast about our own strengths.  This does make you appear to be a more likeable and humble person to others if you do not act in a…

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Twirling in the Wind

Here’s my shout-out to you, Jackie, I know you’re reading this! I often try to figure out how to be the best me I can be.  Over analyzing myself can lead to negative thoughts where as noticing the traits in others I admire help me find out what I want to be better at. This…

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Because I Can

I have always been into running, but I have not always been able to do it.   As someone with relapsing remitting MS, it is not always possible to work out.  I go through periods of weeks or even months where I can hardly get across a room, much less get to the gym.  This last…

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