Month: July 2013

Random Happiness

As I am preparing my speech on emotional wellness, I have lots of thoughts about what I feel is really important for happiness in life that is applicable to almost everyone. I am very aware that everyone’s journey through life is their own, and people have different likes and different things that please them. Keeping…

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Don’t Over-Think it!

Something that has been keeping me very busy is that I have been asked by the National MS Society to give a speech on emotional wellness.  I am putting a lot of thought into how to say everything I want to while still keeping in mind that I want it to impact others so that…

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Stay Strong Until there is a Cure

I have been so busy lately I’ve had a really not been making time to blog.  The irony of this is that blogging has become one of the things that helps to ground me and keep me happy in the mist of all the uncontrollable chaos around me; so I decided to write a blog…

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