Month: August 2013

Perspective is Everything

Last night, my mother told me she was proud of me.  She said she knows how hard it was for me to make the decisions I have in order to conserve some of my energy each day.  I have made the choice, and I emphasize the word, choice, to start using a handicapped sticker on…

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A Cure for MS?

I have not blogged about it yet because I am not exactly sure what is going to happen, but I  have made the decision, with my families help, to get a Stem Cell transplant.  I believe it to be a cure, and I’m not quite sure why it is not being reported about anywhere yet,…

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All Hands on Deck

When everything falls apart, it’s all hands on deck!  We all have good days and bad days, and then there are the days that start out really good and crash into the pavement at 90 miles an hour. This morning I woke up awake, refreshed, and with no pain or fatigue.  Then somewhere around 1…

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