Month: August 2014

Remembering to Appreciate the Little Things

Today I am happy. I was feeling really unhealthy, like my body couldn’t move easily. It is hard to explain, but after not doing any real workouts for a week, I felt like I was sick again, and I couldn’t handle it. I was happy to have my husband back, which is helpful for my…

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The Ugly Truth of Recovery

I feel ugly and weak. It makes no since that I would harbor these ugly faults when I have had such a positive transformation. I should not be so vain that looking like a man with super short hair still bothers me. At least it is growing back. I should not be so proud that…

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First Run Post Transplant

Today I went on my first run post-transplant. It was a huge milestone for me. I have been waiting and waiting until I could. It’s part of how I identify myself. It’s part of how I ground myself. And it is the only time it is fairly easy for me to live in the moment….

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