Month: November 2014

Amazing News!!!

Breaking news in Norway. HSCT now considered a part of the National treatment plan for MSBreaking news in Norway. This is amazing!  I am so elated for all of those in Norway this will help, but also very sad that I know the US will be far behind because we are such a litigious country!…

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The Good Stuff

I have recently posted a couple of depressing blogs. At least they seem so to others that love me. I want to make it clear that I do not find them depressing. I use this blog to be able to say the feelings I am having that I do not readily tell people who ask…

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The Questions Don’t Stop

I am watching this show, Six Feet Under, which has an amazing story line and character development. One of the brothers has found out he has something wrong with his brain that can cause an embolism or stroke at any time and he doesn’t know what to do. I can so intimately relate to this…

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