Month: March 2015

Almost There

I am sick again, but it’s different this time. I am not knocked out of all my energy and it’s just a cold. This is really good news for me. I was really sad when I realized I had it, the snot, the sneezing, all the normal stuff. However after being awake for a couple…

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Remarkably Normal

I have been super fortunate in the last week. 11 months post transplant and I’m finally feeling good. I felt good when I first left the hospital, great even. I wanted to walk a lot and just enjoy feeling good. Then as time went by, and I got off the steroids and other meds that…

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Is Recovery Taking Every Piece of Energy I Have?

It is a mixed question, or rather a mixed answer, about how much energy it really takes to recover from myeloablative HSTC. Sometimes the answer is no. Like today luckily. I’m picking up my parents to come visit the kids and me for four days and we are super excited. I was able to get…

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