Month: March 2016

Was it Worth it?

A question that many people ask me after I’ve had the HSCT is ‘was it worth it?’ I always tell them that I cannot decide that for them. It depends on your personal situation, and when I did it I had no other choice. I was feeling like I was not living anyway, so if…

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Feeling Good

I am feeling good.  I have gone out to exercise three days in a row now. I am going to keep it up. I do not get so tired that I feel like I’m going to die afterward, but I get tired in the evening, and that is OK. I do not feel guilty. I…

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Roller Coaster

I go through a lot of ups and downs these days. The phrase about transplant recovery being a roller coaster is no joke! I also struggle with depression, due to the MS, and exacerbated by my new life of disability, recovery, and minimal energy. Instead of complaining about how crappy I’ve been feeling lately, I…

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