A Way Out

I love listing.  I list things I want to do around the house, I list things that I want to do with the kids, I even made a list of all the lists I want to make!  Sometimes I make lists just for fun and sometimes I do it for a specific purpose.  I make lists to cheer myself up. I also make lists of the things that make me happy, the things I have accomplished, frivolous things I want to buy someday or the places I want to visit.  Other times I make lists to calm my brain down; things I need to pack, things I need to get done that day, or things I need to sort.

Today I am having some new MS symptoms and its really freaking me out, so I thought that this would be a good time to introduce you all to the joys of listing, as I feel that I will have to make one.  If I am getting another exacerbation, I will most likely be unable to run my half-marathon in two weeks.  I ran 10 miles last weekend; I know I’m ready for it, so if I can’t, it will break my heart.

I could make a list of all the pain and discomfort I am having so that I can stop obsessing, but right now I am going to make a list of all the things I tell myself to turn MS into something interesting and not a nightmare.

  • I am having a vibration in my tailbone – how interesting.
  • What interesting symptom can happen next?
  • Could I get an award for craziest symptom (this one makes me laugh)?
  • How many different parts of my body can be effected – could I wake up and just have a problem with just my pinky finger one day?
  • At least I have an excuse to lie in bed and watch whatever I want on TV all night!
  • My husband will have to fold all the laundry this week.
  • I can’t help but to keep putting my head down to test the vibration/shocking feeling – is it different now?  Has it changed now?  What about now?  It’s almost like a game!  🙂

I keep a notebook in my purse for such lists and I pull it out whenever I have a string of thoughts I have to get down, and of course it is a happy color!  I find this very therapeutic.  I invite you to try it.

And just so you know, I am not going to bed to watch TV.  I am going to buy new running shoes, because I need them for my half marathon, and above all else I need to keep a positive attitude!

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