All Hands on Deck

When everything falls apart, it’s all hands on deck!  We all have good days and bad days, and then there are the days that start out really good and crash into the pavement at 90 miles an hour.

This morning I woke up awake, refreshed, and with no pain or fatigue.  Then somewhere around 1 or 2 it fell fast and furious; the pain, the fatigue, the depression.  They are great teammates; they all help each other get stronger.

That’s when you call in the troops.  This is when your ‘team’ is so important and so necessary.  I’m not talking about the team the books tell you need with MS, you know, your GP, your neurologist, your psychologist, your physical therapist, etc.  I’m talking about the team of those around you who care and want to help you.  The people that understand your special language when you describe symptoms, and the ones who can tell just by looking at you or by the way you say hello when you need help.

Today I stayed at work until 3pm on the dot, the time I get off work.  I probably should have left at 2, at least before I got so bad as I was at 3.  It is such a hard line to find and judge and predict, but I new I had crossed it when I started walking out of the office.

I dropped my iced coffee that my friend I work with so graciously brought me back from lunch knowing how tired I was.  Then another coworker who saw me jumped up and started grabbing things and asked if he could help me out as I fell into the chair.  Between the two of them they helped me down the stairs, and waited, as I had to sit and rest because I could not walk the 20 feet to my car without sitting down to rest.  They then picked me up and supported me the final steps to my car.

When I got home, a pizza man arrived at my door, and my sister showed up seconds later, and my father is currently driving the 3 hour trip to my house even though my cousin is living with us to help with the kids for a while.  My husband who knew he couldn’t be home until 6pm, and knew I really needed help tonight arranged all of this.

This is the team that is going to get you through your bad days, and help your better days be better; the team of people around you who care about you and truly want to help you.  And tomorrow is a brand new day!  It has to be better than this one!  🙂

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