Almost There

I am sick again, but it’s different this time. I am not knocked out of all my energy and it’s just a cold. This is really good news for me. I was really sad when I realized I had it, the snot, the sneezing, all the normal stuff. However after being awake for a couple hours, I don’t feel like I need to crawl right back in bed. This is very good news for me.

I am only 11 days from my 1st birthday with my new immune system. It is so close, and I’m really excited. But I also realize I will be having ups and downs for possibly another year or so, so I will take it in stride.

I had a great spring break with family. My parents came to visit and we went for a hike in the desert. It was so nice to see them again! They were impressed that I had the house so put together after only three months. It was weird to be reminded that it had only been three months since I moved here. I feels like a lot longer.



I then had a week alone with the kids. I took them to a great community pool with water slides and all the fun stuff for three days in a row, and I took them to the Butterfly Wonderland. It was such a magical place. I felt completely at peace sitting there watching the butterflies. It was mystical. So I bought a year long membership.

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Next we had my sister-in-law come with her three kids and a friend and her son, all drove down from Lincoln City, OR. We took them to spring training for baseball, as one of their sons is a baseball nut, and extremely talented himself. We saw a girl’s movie and went shopping. We also spent a day driving to Sedona. It is still as beautiful as I remember. The first time I went there was right after I got diagnosed. My mom thought we should get out of town. I’m so blessed to be going back after being healed!


It was so nice to see so much family again. It also solidified the decision we made on this house. Not that I ever had doubts, but we got to experience the huge upside. The pre-teen and teenage boys got to stay in the media room, the moms and the three year old stayed in the casita, and there was plenty of room for all without feeling crowded. It was awesome. I also felt good for the whole three-week spring break we had, so I figure I’m due for a cold after the glimpse of how I will be soon.

I am feeling very positive about this recovery. The only symptoms I really still have a problem with from the transplant is how easily I get completely overwhelmed, occasional speech problems, and balance issues. I can run 2 miles, but I do not feel sure-footed on rocky ground. And the only symptom from MS I still have is an occasional pain in my right arm that I call Hollow Bones, OCD tendencies, all from my amygdala being so messed up from the lesions I assume, and feeling depressed from being so overwhelmed, especially when it’s related to my kids. I just feel so guilty for not being a better mom.

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