Balls in the Air

Some days just feel out of control.  I feel as if so many things in life are unsettled, unplanned and unknown.  The combination of chaos + the unknown + the unplanned make me feel helpless and depressed.  I don’t know what to do when I don’t have the answers for everything going on in life all at once.  At any give point in life, I have too many balls in the air!

On days like this, the only thing I can do to settle myself is to give it all away.  I give it to God, but you can give it to whomever or whatever you want.  You can simply choose to just set it all aside in a little box you imagine.  Of course, my box is pretty with a yellow bow!  🙂

Do whatever you need to do to let yourself have a break from the stress of too many balls in the air.  Feeling overwhelmed is one of the most difficult things for me to deal with emotionally.  It causes anxiety, which leads to depression.  I am a very logical person that likes to know exactly what is going to happen.

This is not always true, for instance, when I vacation, I like to go with the flow and not have too many plans.  But when it comes to my life, my career, my family, my health; I like to know exactly what is around the corner and have a plan in place to handle whatever that may be.

My challenge to you on this day is to let all of your balls in the air be set-aside for the day.  Let whatever happens happen, and don’t worry about where your balls are.  They will still be there tomorrow to deal with when you have let your mind relax and rejuvenate.

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