Because I Can

I have always been into running, but I have not always been able to do it.   As someone with relapsing remitting MS, it is not always possible to work out.  I go through periods of weeks or even months where I can hardly get across a room, much less get to the gym.  This last year has been particularly rough on me, and now that I can finally workout regularly again, I have had to adjust my workouts severely. I no longer can just go for a run whenever I want.

I was never a morning person before, but I have had to become one because the only time I have energy to work out is when I first wake up.  I have also added weight training into my schedule, because I am determined to stay strong enough to not become disabled before they find a cure for MS.   I no longer run because I’m training for a marathon, I run because I feel that I have to.

Because I have added the weight training in, I only run for about half an hour on the treadmill, and then hit the weights.  With this new routine I have found out that what all the books I have read about training are true.  I have discovered the that I can run 10 miles pretty easily, without even training for distance!

When I have trained for marathons and half- marathons in the past, I always researched the best ways to train, and everyone says weight training is important to do along with running.  I never truly believed that it could be that beneficial.  I was wrong.

I know this because last weekend, I went out to run on a trail, and I just kept running because it felt so good.  I went for 10 miles!  I never thought I could run for a long ways without training for it, but it turns out the extra muscle really does carry me further than just a running schedule.

Now, I am strong enough to run for hours without killing myself, and I did it simply because I can!  Knowing that I can, when I have not always been able to, makes the run that much sweeter!

I challenge you all to do something today that you are not doing because you have to, but do it simply because you can.   It feels awesome! 


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