Becoming a Morning Person

Since my last bout with MS, I have found that I have to run early in the morning. I have never been a morning person, and my highest energy level has always been later in the day. Running in the morning has definitely been a progression and a very large adjustment for me. When I was a teen, my favorite time to run was after dark. Then as I became a mother and had less and less time available for myself, I started running on my lunch break. Now as a mother just getting through my latest fight with MS, I’m finding that I only really have enough energy to get a good run in first thing in the morning.

At first I thought it would be horrible to wake up early and run. I hate getting out of bed, and have always dreaded that darned clock that starts making noise too early in the morning. Plus, it is difficult to push myself in the morning. But I am finding that when I get out of bed with a purpose, with a goal to complete a specific mileage and do something I enjoy doing, I no long dread getting up. And after getting used to running early, it has become easy to push myself. It is just part of my schedule now.

I look forward to the quiet and the time to think. My best thoughts come to me in while running and they are even better now that I am doing it with a fresh brain before it has been corrupted by the day. I swear I am a genius while I run! Of course all of the very best ideas I have are completely unrealistic. For instance, this morning while I ran I had the idea that I would only eat vegetables for lunch all week long. I have already failed that genius level thought! 🙂

The best part of all this is starting to enjoy the morning time. My kids have always done this and it’s about time I got on board! And on top of discovering this new part of the day I had been trying to ignore for my entire life, I ran nine miles! I am right on track in my training and now 100% sure I can complete the half marathon three weeks away.

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