Bouncing Off Walls

I am coming to the realization that this disease now has a complete hold on me.  I can no longer go about life as if I am normal.  The extra hard workout I did on Monday, probably combined with the one on Saturday and even quite possibly the fact that I have been pushing myself to get in good physical shape for a while, has indeed sent me into an exacerbation.

I am bouncing off walls and desks because I cannot walk straight, my fingers don’t want to do any fine motor movement, my limbs each way 1000lbs, and my eyes do not want to stay open.  I need to learn to not push myself so hard.  When it feels hard, ease up.  When I get tired, take a break.  If I cannot run as far one day, don’t.  I think the pushing myself to the limit days are over.

I am super glad I ran that last half marathon; I do now believe it truly was my last.  I say this with a tear in my eye.  Both because I cannot do that anymore and because I am so proud of myself for doing it so I have the memory of winning over my body.

I truly believe life happens in chapters, and I have many chapters in my book.  I have lived an extraordinary and exciting life that I hope to turn into a book and share with the world one day.  I am now beginning a new one.

In this chapter I will learn to take even better care of myself by sleeping extra every night and by working out slowly at low intensity.  I will continue to appreciate every little thing I can do, and I will continue to celebrate my life, my body, and my family.  For each of those things are truly blessings.  I do not need to have a perfect shape for jeans; I just need to keep my limbs working and my spirits high.  I wish you all to do the same.  Enjoy and appreciate what you have.  Life is good!

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