Don’t Over-Think it!

Something that has been keeping me very busy is that I have been asked by the National MS Society to give a speech on emotional wellness.  I am putting a lot of thought into how to say everything I want to while still keeping in mind that I want it to impact others so that they may find their happiness, and not just talk about myself.  I want to share my personal accomplishments so I can share how I got there, but I don’t want to appear as if I’m bragging or just talking about myself and how great I am.  I want to share how to find greatness without making myself appear to be “greater.”

This is a difficult task, because everyone’s journey is his or her own, and the only one I can speak about is my journey.  I decided to do this I need to talk more about the process and not what I’ve done.  I need to speak about not what I’ve accomplished, but how I’ve gotten there.

I want to talk about the most important factors I find make me happy, while including the ideas of those in the crowd.  I really want to make a positive impact on people, and also I want to be asked back.  I want the word to spread, so that others will ask me to speak as well.  I truly believe I can help people in this way.

To conclude the writing of the speech, which I have already scripted, I think I need to simplify my thoughts, make them more audience participatory, and make a simple outline.  I am not worried that I will be able to speak in front of others.  I have a degree in communication and am well trained in public speaking; I just think that this is a topic so close to me and I feel it is so important to have my first one for the MS society be great that I am over-thinking it.

I think that when things get overwhelming, I am almost always over-thinking it.  Because I have a tendency towards perfectionism, I tend to do this often.  I need to slow down my thoughts, narrow down my absolute must haves to my speech  and practice.  THat is how I will find it becoming finalized.

When I get home today I will make the outline from the script and then I can just practice it and work on the PowerPoint.  I know I will do a good job!  I worked out 3 times this week, I wrote this blog, and I’ve figured out how to finish up my speech coming up in August.  I consider this a successful blog!  A selfish one, maybe, as I only figured out how to help me today, but a successful one non-the-less!   🙂

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