Everything in Moderation

First off, I would like to apologize to all of my followers that may look forward to my blogs. I have not blogged for a while because of the lack of energy to do so.  I’m afraid I may be entering into yet another new chapter in my life.  In this chapter, I will learn a new skill: relaxation.  I not only need to learn to relax, but I need to learn to let things go and do less.  I am no longer able to be Supermom with a perfectly clean house and everything in its place.

I will move on to a new way of taking care of myself.  Instead of getting everything in the world done: working hard, making sure my kids get plenty of activities, and running marathons, I will relax and take care of my mental well-being.  Instead of doing everything full blown, I will learn to do things in moderation.

Although I have gotten better in some aspects, I am still severely lacking of energy, and I still seem to find myself in a fair amount of pain.  The pain is not debilitating if I take prescription painkillers, but it is still stealing the bulk of my oomph.  My doctor would like me to stop taking so many pills, and so would I, yet I am not at a point where I can get by without them.

My doctor’s advice was not to try any other medicine, but to learn limitations.  Most important to my health right now is rest and relaxation.

There is a lot for me to learn about these specified skills, for I do not have much experience doing either of these things.  However, I would like to share with you what I have learned so far.

The first thing I had to do was kick the kids out of my bed.  I had a talk with them about how important it was for me to get enough sleep.  I told them that in order for me to sleep well, and get the hours I needed, it was important that they start sleeping in their own beds.  I explained that I needed this in order to keep being a good mommy, and that they could help me with this by starting to sleep in their own beds – for the entire night.  Although I love the feel of their little bodies next to me at night, and the wonderful cuddles I receive in the morning, I really cannot fully reach a deep sleep with them in my bed.

I also downloaded a deep relaxation meditation app on my iPhone.  It is 20 minutes long, and it is wonderful!  At first I had a hard time really getting into it. I am finding that relaxation is a skill that takes a lot of practice.  But I am up for the task!  I find my favorite place to do this 20-minute meditation is in the bathtub.  In there, I can better visualize and really feel the weight of stress and worry lift away.  Plus I find that the sensation of water, especially when eucalyptus bath salts are added, take my attention away from the burning sensation that still lingers on my skin.

My challenge for you this week is to find 20 minutes of time to release your worry and completely relax.

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