Fall into comfort

The last of Summer has been brought in to the house so that we may enjoy it thoroughly before it disappears.

Now I am looking forward to the many joys and comforts that fall brings.

Warm baths and candles, and soft cozy blankets; hot tea and cocoa, and lazing in bed late.  Go ahead and sing it out loud, you know the tune.  🙂

I love fall.  After another summer has flown by with so much going on that I can hardly recall it all, I am now  looking forward to the pressure of getting lots of work done because it’s still light out being lifted.  I am looking forward to inside activities and early bedtimes.  I an looking forward to movies with the family in the middle of a Saturday, and I’m looking forward to spending a day organizing something that I want to be more orderly. I am looking forward to decorating with fall colors.  

I am definitely looking forward to fall colors.  These are my favorite!  Red, orange, yellow, even brown is good when blended with the other colors.  There is something comforting about the warm colors of fall.  I am looking forward to dressing in boots and sweaters and feeling comfortable all day! 

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