Feeling Good

I am feeling good.  I have gone out to exercise three days in a row now. I am going to keep it up. I do not get so tired that I feel like I’m going to die afterward, but I get tired in the evening, and that is OK. I do not feel guilty. I prep dinners in the morning when I still have energy, and I feel good about what I accomplish during the day.

Two years out of transplant, and I’m finally starting to feel better for more than a day or two. I’ve felt good for a week or more now, and I feel like it might be becoming the normal now! I don’t want to jinx anything; I know that in the past I write about how well I’m doing and then get sick the next day. But I still wanted to document this.

I am still doing the run/walk routine, but I’m getting into longer jog periods with shorter walking breaks. I am in up to running in 5 min. intervals now, and I can feel normal doing it. Before, I felt like I had to push myself forward with every step. Now it is more of a natural run. This is a huge step! I am also giving myself the ‘me-time’ I so desperately need. I am actively loving myself when I do this routine every morning.

I am also feeling really good about the book! I have pretty gotten through when I left Seattle and moved in next to my parents for recovery. It is such a relief to be so close to the end!

This is my next checklist:

1- Go through the medical details from my release folder to get the medical details specific and correct.

2 – Write and insert the story of Josh giving my replacement wedding ring to me. It was in the hospital at some point, but I’m not sure exactly when and for some reason it was omitted in the previous writings.

3 – Figure out how to end book, and write the final chapter.


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