When everything feels completely out of control, it is time to check in with myself and make sure I still have two feet on the ground.  After another summer has flown by with way too many activities packed into it, add on top of that me being incredibly sick for most of it, I am really looking forward to getting back into a normal routine and everything calming down.  I have had so much going on I feel like I have reached my breaking point.

My kids are the utmost of importance to me and they always take first place.  With that said, I have to admit that I have never been good at keeping my feelings and emotions hidden, and sometimes I feel completely crazy.  I want to shelter my children from all of my craziness, but it does not always happen.

The one good thing about letting them see me cry is that I know how understanding and compassionate they are at such.  I must be doing something right when their reaction to me being upset is to do everything they can to comfort me.  The older two trie to take care of everything themselves so I “don’t get more stress,” and they all run to me and wrap their arms around me, which always helps!

Find someone to hug today, I promise you will feel better!  🙂

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