Is Recovery Taking Every Piece of Energy I Have?

It is a mixed question, or rather a mixed answer, about how much energy it really takes to recover from myeloablative HSTC. Sometimes the answer is no. Like today luckily. I’m picking up my parents to come visit the kids and me for four days and we are super excited. I was able to get out of bed by 10, do light cleaning, and then go workout for 45 min.

But most days, I am not so lucky. Whenever I get an illness or an injury, I only have about four hours in a day to get stuff done. I have to get up and get my kids ready for school. Then I go back to bed until about noon or 1. Then I get ready for the kids to come home, feed them dinner and take them to dace or karate, then go to bed. I often feel sorry for myself that I cannot seem to have a normal life yet. My body always aches somewhere, and I stay in bed most of the day, when I can.

But my husband reminds me that what I went through was a major event. I almost died. He remembers how bad it was, which I try not to. J And when my husband is home, he gets the kids up for school and lets me sleep in, so I always appreciate that. I just need to keep reminding myself to take it easy, and not feel bad for doing so. I am 11 months post transplant. I do not think I will be completely normal by one year. It will take longer. But I am still getting through each day with minimal pain compared to what it used to be.

On days like this, I am grateful for the extra energy! But I know I cannot always count on it.

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