Mark a New Start

Yesterday I had a really great day.  Although I have been getting better and having good mornings, I have still been ending all activities because of pain and exhaustion by about 3pm every day.  But not yesterday!  I was still feeling great and had the energy to do a project with my kids that I had been meaning to do for months!

We replanted our terrarium.  I asked a local nursery to pick out some good plants for the conditions it would be in, and I helped my kids add river rock for interest and texture.  It feels really good to feel like I have a life beyond just what ‘has to get done!’  Here’s hoping it keeps up and my evenings last even longer!  🙂



Starting a new plant indoors has so many great benefits, I thing everyone should do it.  It can mark a new start, add beauty to your home, or just be an activity to be done with kids.   This is my challenge to you this week.  Plant something that makes you happy!

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