Mind and Body

This weekend, we stayed at Lake Quinault Lodge in the rainforest of Washington for some of the peace and quiet that a family with three small kids needs often.   With no TV or other electronics allowed for the time we were there, I had great expectations of family hikes on trails, board games by the fire, and other peaceful family activities.  As you can imagine, being in the middle of the rainforest on December 1st, it was raining when we got there, so hiking was out.

Even more than fun family activities, I had been dreaming of running in the forest the whole drive up.  I was really looking forward to it because I usually run on the treadmill these days.  I was thinking if I did it right when we got there, no one would mind me disappearing for 45 minutes.  As we drove through heavy downpour, I started to change my mind on what I would do when we first got there.

But when we got in our room and I looked at the trails on the pamphlet, I got all excited to run again.  It was not coming down nearly as hard as it had been earlier, and I’d mostly be under the shelter of the trees so it wouldn’t be that bad.  Still thinking of how much I hate to run in the rain, I reminded myself that if I did get wet and cold, I’d have a warm hot pool to soak in.  I’d already committed to take the kids there when I got back so they would be good for Daddy while I was gone.

As it was raining and my battery was dying, I decided I couldn’t take my iPhone along for music and mile tracking.  I had completely forgotten how great it can be to run all alone with light moisture in the air, beautiful scenery, and nothing but the sounds of nature around you!

Just as much as the nature, I was enjoying the lack of GPS!  Without a computer telling me how fast I was going, I was able to pick a pace that felt both natural and made me push myself a little.  Not a hard pace, and not a pace that felt like I was not getting my heart rate up, but at a pace that had me feeling great the whole time.  This forced me to listen to my body instead of forcing my body into going a specified pace.  I have to figure out how to do this on the treadmill!

Do not think that because this was not the focus of this post that I have discounted in any way the blessing of being at a point where I can run for four miles again!!!

Life can get so busy sometimes that we can forget to take the time to listen to bodies and minds and what our personal needs are.  If we do not take time out from the daily grind we all live in, we can forget to be happy as well.  Please find something you haven’t done in a long time that put you in tune with yourself, and make time to do it this week.  You will not regret it!

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