Mind over Matter

My new plan is to cut out as many drugs as possible and saturate my body with vitamins and minerals.  The thing about being on a steady stream of pain killers is that you become more sensitive to pain.  You also develop a tolerance.  This means you have to keep taking it, and you have to increase the dose for it to be effective. Then you have the problem of all the side effects these drugs cause; then you start more meds to combat those.  It can be an endless cycle of filling your body with impurities, which is not good for the body long term.

I have stopped taking pain medication completely.  When I have neuropathic pain that starts to get distracting, and sometimes unbearable, I am using a visualization technique.  If you can truly visualize the pain going away from you, it is a very powerful thing; and the effects last for a surprising amount of time.  Mind over matter is so very important when dealing with ongoing pain.  On top of that I am juicing now, so I am constantly filling my body with the nutrients it needs.  I have stopped drinking alcohol, and I am doing a mix of yoga, weights, and running.

My husband is constantly giving me a hard time for starting new plans to be well, but I think it’s good for me.  Not only am I trying to make my body as healthy as possible to combat my illness, but I am setting a good example for my children.  Most importantly, trying to become a better and more whole person, which is great for my spirit.  Being positive and believing I am doing everything I can to be healthy is really what dictates my mood.  I have been feeling great, and I am going to keep it up as long as possible!

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