“My Awesomeness”

I think it is all too often that we forget to marvel in our own awesomeness.  As members of society, we are taught to have humility and not boast about our own strengths.  This does make you appear to be a more likeable and humble person to others if you do not act in a cocky manner, but if we never admit to our own personal awesomeness, we can forget how to find it.

To be self-confident, but not cocky, we need to recognize those traits in ourselves that make us great.  These traits make up who we are by nature AND by choice.  We find these traits attractive in others, and we look up to people who display them; so why are we so afraid, or self-conscious, to recognize these traits in ourselves?

Today I will make a list of My Awesomeness, and I truly want to hear your lists!

Please post your list either as a comment to this post, or post it on my Facebook page (this will be ideal) here:  https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn


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