My First Cold, and My First Bath

Last night I filled the bathtub up with delicious smelling water and bubbles, lit some candles and took a hot bath. That is something I haven’t done since February. I couldn’t because I have had my Hickman line in my chest and it hasn’t been safe. It was so relaxing; I just sank in and enjoyed the feel of warmth and comfort around me. This led me to think of all the little things I have been missing out on for a long time that I used to take for granted.

Last week at a party, I was able to cut my own meat, something I couldn’t do for the last year before my transplant because my coordination had gotten so bad. I never have to hand my plate to my husband in a restaurant again, (hopefully!)

This week I have my first illness since my treatment. It is just a cold, but it has affected me so much more than it ever did before because of the naivety of my immune system. It will have to relearn all the illnesses out there. I am so fortunate that I could send my kids over to my parents so I could nap during the day. I am so fortunate that I could fight off this cold, which I believe is almost gone, and did not get pneumonia from it. I am so fortunate that I could take a bath, cut my own meat, and take a nap to recover quicker than if I had to become over-tired.

All these little things that I took for granted before, I hope to never take for granted again. I hope to never take my health, my family, or my simple existence for granted. Every day is a gift.

My cold is still here, but it is manageable. I had thought it would be worse, but I am surviving! Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts! 🙂

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