On the Other Side. . .

All too often, we have a tendency to fall into the trap of thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.  We tend to think that if we could just be like so-and-so life would be so much easier.  If we just had money, or fame or were healthier, life would be better.

The truth is, life is easy for no one.  Time and time again we see people in the spot light that have been put up on pedestals by the media and dream of having a life that easy.  But Annette Funicello, America’s Sweetheart, died a very painful and sad death brought on by Progressive MS.  Britney Spears, everyone’s favorite teen that was such an inspiration because she was talented and rich, and still ‘innocent’ at such a young age, was not so innocent after all.  She spiraled down into some really horrific drama all in the eye of the public.

Kurt Cobain killed himself.  Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose.  These, plus many more cases prove to us that the answer to true happiness is not fame, fortune, talent, or whatever we perceive as the easy-life.  The truth is we don’t know how easy life is for anyone, it is all speculation.  We are not they.  We only have out own lives.

The grass is not greener on the other side.  The only place the grass is greener is where we fertilize it.   In a blog written by Steve Kamb, he tells us that the #1 trait that determines long-term success is something called Grit.  ‘Grit is defined as: “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”’

We can neither succeed in life nor be truly happy in life if all we do is sit around and feel sorry for ourselves that we have it so hard.  Everyone has it hard!  If we want to make a difference, be happy, or do whatever we use to define success in life, we need to pull up our bootstraps and get some Grit!

I have bad days a lot, but I shake them off over and over.  I do this because I have Grit.  I know what I want to be, I will not give up, and I try my best to reach my goals.  By doing this, I am fertilizing the grass I stand on.  I go to the gym to stay strong until there is a cure for MS.  I go to work even though I may be tired or in pain because I have goals of achieving my own success, and I know that I have to work to get there.

No matter how hard life feels today; know that tomorrow is a new day.  And if you have goals, get some Grit!  Persevere, and keep fertilizing the grass you are standing on.  You can achieve anything you want.  If I can run marathons with MS, you can do whatever is hard for you, too!  Do not give in to the trap of feeling sorry for yourself.  Persevere!

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