Random Happiness

As I am preparing my speech on emotional wellness, I have lots of thoughts about what I feel is really important for happiness in life that is applicable to almost everyone. I am very aware that everyone’s journey through life is their own, and people have different likes and different things that please them. Keeping all this in mind, it is important for me that I share the things I think will ring true to everyone in the audience. The thing I keep coming back to, as one of the most important skills to master, is simply enjoying the moment you are in and not borrowing troubles from tomorrow or relive the troubles of yesterday.

Last month I was on a camping trip with my kids, my parents, my husband, and my niece. Naturally, when my two-year-old was ready for bed the adults were not. So I did what any good parent would do, and I asked my niece to lay down with her for a while until she fell asleep so that we could all stay up and continue enjoying ourselves. As we sat around the picnic table chatting and sipping on drinks, we heard them in there quietly chatting until it finally died down to silence. After the adults all finally tired out, I carried my daughter to our tent while my niece stayed in my parents’ tent to sleep.

The next morning, my mother told me about something my niece had shared with her that I found so cool I had to steal the idea and use it in my toolbox for happiness. She said, “I am just having a moment of random happiness. I get those sometimes and I just love it!” Mom said she was very chatty and giggly for a long time before she fell asleep, just extremely happy. Think about that for a moment, random happiness.

I think as we grow up, we forget to take notice of those moments. We’re too busy, or we simply don’t take advantage of them because there is so much on our minds already. But this is exactly what living in the moment is, taking advantage of moments of random happiness when they fall upon us. To take it one step further, I think that when we find these moments it’s important to do a quick mental scan of our bodies, our minds, and what has come before this moment. This is important so that we can become better at finding these moments in the future and truly enjoy them. It can also be used as a tool to bring us back there when we are maybe not so happy.

My challenge to you this week is to embrace a moment of random happiness!

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