Recipe for Dealing with Frustration

Frustration is one of my biggest problems these days. I don’t have access to a lot of my frontal and temporal lobe in the brain, so I can’t control my responses or emotions very well. I easily lose my cool with my kids. They never adjusted very well to the whole zoom school agenda we had and now, we have this  two day or 2.5 hour in person learning schedule. (Just describing it is confusing!) I don’t like to just vent without giving positive suggestions in my blogs, so now that I’ve vented, I am going to give you tips to the perfect bath. It is honestly one of my favorite ways to get time to myself and calm down.  

  1. Lock your door – this may be the most important part so the little (or big) monsters in your house do not interfere with your relaxation. Everyone deserves at least two hours of peace! (Sorry, you can’t do this if your children are under 5.)
  2. Start your bath. You need to check the temperature regularly with the back of your wrist to make sure it’s hot enough without burning you. It is not a perfect bath if you get goosebumps or boil when you get into it. 
  3. Use bath salts and/or bubbles. If you don’t have any, you can make a wonderful mixture at home that will leave you feeling pampered and your skin feeling soft. Depending on the size of your tub, use 1-2 cups of milk with ¼ cup honey.  I sometimes do that even if I have epsom salts on hand. Make sure you do this step in the beginning so that the water will mix it in your bath and you don’t have to try to stir it.
  4. While your bath is filling, get a wine glass with either wine, bubbly, or a fancy non-alcoholic drink. Putting it in a wine glass will make it feel more elegant while you’re in the tub drinking it. 
  5. While you are out getting the drink, grab a candle or two and a book.
  6. Beside the tub, place your drink within arms reach. Put the candles at the end of the tub so you can see them while you’re soaking. The book is for those of us who do not do well just spacing off. Place the book on a hand towel in arms reach. The towel is used to dry your hands before you pick up the book.
  7. Grab a large towel for when you’re out and a washcloth.  A washcloth can be handy in many ways. It is good for washing your face – duh! It is also good to cover your chest if you didn’t make your bath super hot, or to cool your face if you did. I like to do this by getting it wet, (after washing my face with it) and setting it aside to cool off completely. You can also cheat by putting it under cold water in the sink before you enter the bath.  
  8. Now you are ready to create the right atmosphere. Light your candles and dim the lights. If you brought a book, make sure they’re not too dim to read. If you want it to be darker in the room and still read, I’ve found if you place several candles behind your head it works also. But don’t forget they will flicker, so if that will bother you, avoid it being too dark.
  9. Check that everything is positioned for maximum convenience – we don’t want anything to feel like a chore!
  10. Gently take off your clothes, (obviously)! 
  11. Slip yourself slowly into the bath and enjoy!  

You have my permission to adjust the recipe to make your best bath. 

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