Recovered! Or Close Anyway. . .

I am only two days away from my one-year-birthday, and I am finally starting to feel normal. It is the most amazing feeling! When it has been years since I’ve felt OK, it feels miraculous to feel normal. I am not always depressed and tired. I am not going to bed after I get my kids off to school anymore. I am able to run without it being miserable. I can feel the joy of moving my body that I was desperately trying to keep in my memory for so long so that I could get there again!

I know that sometimes it takes another year to get completely back to normal, but I still feel completely blessed to be here. If I could get better, I cannot imagine it! And I will remember that I could still have a few down swings in the recovery.

I decided that it would be a good idea to write a blog listing all the things that being really ill has taught me.

  1. Patience! Knowing I will not feel good everyday, and waiting to feel better.
  2. Not pushing myself hard every day. That just hurts your recovery it turns out.
  3. Letting it be OK to spend a day in bed.
  4. A messy house can be tolerated.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re being lazy, you’re listening to your body.
  6. Its great to be proud of running only two miles!
  7. It can feel great to run two miles and not feel miserable afterwards.
  8. The weight-gain will eventually come off, but you cannot make it in the first year of recovery.
  9. It’s OK to be just who I am any given day.
  10. I will recover completely from all of this and life will be good again!
  11. Celebrate every small accomplishment!
  12. Don’t forget to thank God.
  13. Don’t forget to thank all those around you for supporting and understanding.
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