I am very aware that I have not posted in a long time, and I apologize for that! This recovery from the HSCT is harder than it was initially. I am gettting knocked down by colds all the time, fatigue had moved in for good, and I even spent a full week in bed when I got H1N1!

I’m trying to unpack the house, take care of the kids, and recover. It’s tough business!  I think it’s odd how in the very beginning I felt so great all the time, but now, not so much. A lot of it is contributed to being off the steroids, but I just think I’m getting sick a lot more because my kids are in school.

I really need to start working on my book again, which I commit to do this week or next, depending on how long this latest cold lasts. I have been taking a break because of all the work involved in the move to a new house accross the country!

I just keep reminding myself how much better I am than before the transplant! Then I feel so lucky, especially with the long wait times there seem to be at all the facilities that perform them. If I had to wait any longer than I did, I’m honestly not sure I would be here today!  I just need to accept the limitations that recovery is putting on me so that I can continue to recover fully.

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