Remembering to Appreciate the Little Things

Today I am happy. I was feeling really unhealthy, like my body couldn’t move easily. It is hard to explain, but after not doing any real workouts for a week, I felt like I was sick again, and I couldn’t handle it.

I was happy to have my husband back, which is helpful for my mental state as he is living away 4 days a week for work, and lazing about the living room bathing kids and such. When my father came over to check in on what we were up to, and I told him “being lazy,” with a smile on my face. After I explained why, because I felt so lazy and unmotivated to do anything, he suggested the kids and I go for a hike with him while my husband finished work if I don’t feel up to running. We went up to a trail near here that is incredibly beautiful. I put on my running clothes just in case, but not really feeling that I would actually do it. After we got to the trail and started walking, my father told me he would stay behind with the littlest one and hold the dog if I wanted to run ahead.

I took him up on this offer, and my six yr. old went with me. I thought he would run a little, and then wait for my dad. I thought I would only run a little; it was so hard at first. I was hugely out of breath, and it felt so unnatural. But with my little boy right behind me, I pushed on. After about half a mile it started to feel more natural and I was enjoying it. I couldn’t believe my six yr. old was still with me! And I was just as surprised I was still running, and wanted to go further!

When we got back I took note of how beautiful the woods and the reservoir were. And I could not believe how lucky I was. My kids and I were living in the most beautiful part of Oregon, being helped out by my parents, and I was actually running and feeling good. What a miracle this is for me! I could not have done this four months ago, or even two.

It was great to get a good cardio workout in, and it reminded me of how important cardio is for happiness. What a sense of worth it gives me, and just to make my body feel good. I must keep remembering how good it feels, and not go days without it, that’s when I get lazy and don’t feel like going.

The kids will start school next week, and that is when I have told myself I will start writing the book about my experience getting the HSCT procedure, so I will have even more of a purpose in my life. I get really down when I feel like I’m not doing much, but the truth is I am still in recovery. I’m doing a lot; I’m building an immune system!

Life is good. I am healthy and happy, and doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am so grateful for days like this! 🙂

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