Simplify and Go!

I believe everyone can be happy.  You  just have to find the little things in life that give you pleasure.  The trick for me is to always be moving forward, find a goal and stick with it.  I am happiest when I have completed a goal; whether it is finally organizing the junk drawer that has been driving me nuts, or completing a marathon.  Finishing a goal feels good.

ImageRecently I have started a goal to simplify my life by organizing everything.  Organization is one of those little things that give me great pleasure.  All of the junk and disorganization in my life was driving me nuts.  I went to Ikea and bought little cups, bins, and jars to organize everything.  I did the junk drawer, the medicine cabinet, and the closet.  I made everything visually appealing and easily accessible.   I compartmentalized everything!

I went through the garage, toys, and all of my closets.  I did my drawers, my husband drawers, and the kids drawers.  Then I had a huge garage sale, and everything that didn’t sell went in the minivan to get dropped off at Goodwill.

The bathroom counter has also always driven me nuts with products not having a home, so I bought a super cute basket for 2 bucks atGoodwill and gave them a home.  I cannot start my day with chaos, so I have organized it all – and it feels great!

It was a small goal, and while seemingly unimportant to some, it made me happy.  Find that nasty job in your house that you have been putting off.  Whether it is the closet that needs organizing, or the sweater drawer you have not gone through in years, take care of it.  Maybe it’s the toolbox that drives you nuts, the paperwork in your office that needs to be sorted, or the emails you have been putting off for weeks.  Whatever it is, take care of it.  I promise you it will feel good.

My challenge to you is to find something you have been putting off; complete it, and see if it makes you happy.  It certainly has made me happier! 🙂

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