Someday is Today

I do most of my running on a paved trail that starts very near my house. Towards the end of it on my way home, there is a dirt path that goes up to the road. It is a very rocky and steep path that I always see on my way home. I often say to myself that I will run it someday. It’s not that it’s super long or anything, but it is pretty steep, it is rocky, and if it has rained recently, it is muddy. And really, at the end of my runs, I never want to do any extra – I am tired.

Well, this morning I saw the path and I thought to myself, ‘someday I will run up that hill.’ As I passed it I started thinking how silly that was that I think that to myself every time. I said, ‘No! Someday is today!’ I turned around and ran up that hill.

I did not trip, and I ran the whole thing. I was moving very slowly at the top, but I was still moving forward in an effort at running.
I was so proud of myself for doing that! There is no reason to put things off for “someday!” I did not fall, and the feeling I got in return for doing it was so much better than the effort it took to make it happen. Make your ‘someday’ action happen today!

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