Stay Strong Until there is a Cure

I have been so busy lately I’ve had a really not been making time to blog.  The irony of this is that blogging has become one of the things that helps to ground me and keep me happy in the mist of all the uncontrollable chaos around me; so I decided to write a blog about all the things up in the air right now so I can find the ground again.

I have been through a couple of really bad years with my disease, and I have gone through another spell of huge fatigue and pain.  With this I have let go of blogging, and working out.  Two of my favorite things to do and most important for me to keep my head on straight and not freak out about things.  What I realized, though, is that not working out in order to decrease fatigue and pain does the exact opposite of that.  Pain and fatigue will happen whether I work out or not, so I need to just do it, regardless.  It may not be the best workout ever, but it takes energy to create energy.

It is something that makes me feel good about myself.  It gives me hope, so by not doing it I’m letting the disease take more points in this game than I want.  I intend to win, and not just by a point, by a landslide!  When I take care of myself physically, I am doing something to stay strong.  ‘Stay strong until there is a cure!’

Also I have heard about a new experimental treatment that can greatly improve my condition, if not “The Cure!”  As it is still experimental, we have had to do a ton of research and are working really hard to get me into a study that is doing it the way we believe to be the best.  I have a team of family working on this for me but it is still causing a ton of stress and anxiety that I do not have that much control over.  I just have to wait until a study accepts me.

What I do have control over is getting my body strong enough to handle the treatment when I do get accepted.  I need to focus on what I can control and let the rest not overwhelm my head.  I will continue to work out and juice.  I will continue to take my vitamins and get as strong as possible.  I worked out three times this week, and have every intention of keeping that going!

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