The Benefit of an Off Day. . .

With my latest goal of being “good enough,” I have found the freedom to pursue my goals without the pressure.  Without having timelines or defined obligations to meet, I find that I still try to get everything done; I just don’t feel as stressed out about it.

Perfect example: yesterday at the gym, I had an off day.  All of you who work out know what I mean by this.  I got in the car, and halfway down the block, I realized I had left my glasses at home.  Not only that, but I had no coffee for the five minute drive.  I know it seems like that cannot affect me much, but it did, a lot!

I hit the treadmill and had a hard time ramping up the speed, so I set it to a hill workout where I had to climb a series of hills so that I could still get a good workout while not pushing my speed.  After that, I was exhausted, and didn’t feel like lifting weights at all, which I usually do after cardio.  So I went home and got ready for work with plenty of time to not feel rushed.

Today I went to the gym and had one of the best workouts ever!  I ran faster than normal, lifted harder than normal, and it felt great!  Letting yourself have an off day can actually be a benefit.  Your body needs an easy workout every now and then so that you can have great workouts later.  If you never give yourself a break, you are not able to keep up with life.

This applies to us mentally as well.  Letting a basket of laundry sit on my bedroom floor, without letting it drive me crazy because it’s not finished, allows me to get it put away a little at a time and not get worn out by getting it all put away as quickly and efficiently as possible.  I know that laundry sounds like a small thing, but to those of us with limited energy that still try to do it all; it is not a little thing.  It is a great place to start changing habits without having any negative effects.

I challenge all of you out there who are constantly trying to be the best you can to give yourself a break.  Let yourself have an off day where you don’t get it all done – or only do it halfway.  See how it feels.  Once you realize it doesn’t make you any worse of a person, it feels great!


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