The Best Me

It’s a new year, and I am making the same resolution I make to myself every day.  I just want to be the best possible Me I can be.  I want to live more in line with my values, and worry less about what others think.  This means trying to always remember and believe that others are also trying to be the best person they can, judge less, and speak with a softer tone when I get frustrated with people.

I also want to be a better wife and mother.  I think too many of us give the best of ourselves to others we view as important, and then treat the most important people to us with less patience.  It’s hard to give your best at work and then come home and keep it up, but I want to start doing that more.  I want to not care what people I don’t know think of me, and I want to treat my husband as if I am still trying to win him over and newly in love.

I want to not take for granted the things I have, and I want to have more patience with my kids.  These are things I think of and try to do every day, but it’s nice to renew the vow once and a while to remember what my values are and what I want to live like.

I also need to be much more patient and forgiving of myself.  I need to recognize that I am being the best Me I can.  I have jumped on the juicing band wagon, so I juice every day, I work out every morning, and I try my best to live a healthy life.  I know I will most likely not ever have complete control over my moods, emotions, or my physical symptoms I have due to my MS.  All I can do is try my very best every day.  That’s all any of us can do.

Forgive, and let go!  Forgive yourself, and forgive others.  We are all doing our best!

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