The Big Move

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines anxiety as “fear or nervousness about what might happen.” I am currently feeling a very large dose of this psychological entrapment.

My three kids, my cat and dog, and my friend who offered to drive as I still cannot concentrate at a level that would make it safe for me to drive that far, and I are leaving Friday morning to drive to Arizona for the big move. My husband flew down yesterday to meet the moving van that drove all of our furniture and “stuff” down, but my car is still full of all of the stuff we needed in the meantime, like clothes and such.

I still have one day to finalize the filling of the car, which does not have much room left, but it would seem silly to do it today when I know something else will come up tomorrow. So as much as I just want to get everything finished and ready, I have to wait. This gives me anxiety. I feel that I have to do something, yet there is nothing to do that would be helpful right now. So I am just trying to concentrate on relaxing myself. I do not think it will do any good to get worked up or panicked about nothing, really.

We are ready; there are just a couple last minute things to get in the car. Our house is ready for us, and I can’t even think of a scenario that is likely to happen to ruin this. I am just very excited to get there, and I want to be on my way already!

I am so fortunate that my husband has been able to do so much because I have been really reluctant to put too much stress on myself during my recovery. And my parents have done so much. I just need to make it through 2 more nights, and one more day, and then we will be on our way to our dream house!

So today, I will relax and not become overwhelmed. I planned well, stayed organized, and I have help. Everything will be better than fine! Yay!! Yippee!

Now if I can keep this attitude through the next week, and months of unpacking, I’ll be lucky! 🙂



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