The Gift of Rest

My husband gave me the best gift today. He told me to sit down and do nothing. OK, maybe I should start from the beginning and outline my week for you. That way you’ll understand better why he would tell me not to get anything done.

On Tuesday, I decided I’ve gotten my house unpacked enough that I could get back to a routine and living my life and do the rest one box a day or so. So I contacted my editor and we talked about the next move, and decided I am going to start outlining a new chapter while she edits the two I’ve already worked on. I went for a short run. I do not want to push myself like last time I went about getting in shape and overdo everything again.

On Wednesday I went to the gym to get my card and I thought I would work out, but they don’t have childcare during the day. I thought it was all day, but apparently it’s only morning and evening, when most people don’t work. So those of us that stay home are just out of luck. But my husband came home later that day so I did get another short run in.

On Thursday, I was ready to start my new routine and get my life going again. I got dressed in my gym clothes and dropped my daughter off at preschool. She goes every Tues. and Thurs. so I figure those can be my two gym days. I did a great workout just to set the tone of my new level of fitness and not over do it. I felt great about it.

I came home and took a shower and worked on my book. I got half of the chapter outlined, with simple ideas of what I wanted to say. Then I went and picked up my daughter from school and put her down for a nap while I worked a little more on my book.

I felt so good about how my day was going I was on a high. I was going to be able to do this after all! I could get what I needed to done without living beside my parents. I decided to celebrate by cooking a nice dinner.

I was going to make lightly fried pork chops that would be moist and delicious. While I was cooking my husband went to the store to buy vegetables to go with it. I have been making smoothies for my family every day for health, another thing that I was proud of myself for, so I was pretty much out of all fresh produce.

I started heating about 1/8th inch of olive oil on my new stove while I rinsed, dipped in egg, then in the flour and spice mix I had made. I turned to throw the fist piece of pork in the pan and it immediately splashed back at me. My new stove works very quickly and runs hot, and I am not used to it yet.

I had boiling pieces of flour and Greece sticking to my neck. I screamed, but I thought I could just get the rest of the pork in the stove, and then take care of it. My kids came running to see what had happened. I was moving so quickly; I think I was in shock. I told them to stand back so I could get the rest of the pork in the skillet. My daughter asked if I needed ice as I had quickly explained my scream by saying I just burnt myself a little. She was trying to put it in her hands, so I said, “just get my a bag of peas.” I was holding that to my neck while I finished up.

I then took it off and faced her and asked how it looked. Her answer was, “horrible.”

I ran to the mirror. I looking in horror at the mess I had made of my skin. There were spots on my chest, neck, and face. The neck burns were the worst. They were bright red and already bubbling and patches of the skin was missing. I told my daughter to call Dad right away and find out where he was. I needed help.

My husband was already in the driveway so when he walked in the door he put the groceries down and said he had to put them away real quick but then I needed to get it looked at. I called my neighbor and said I was sending my kids over so we could go to Urgent care.

Once at urgent care, they looked at me and told me I had to go to a burn center, so we went to the nearest one, about an hour away it felt like as I was crying and trying to hold it together with severe pain and humility of my carelessness.

$310 later, I was headed home with yet another bandage I will have to change daily and new scars to look forward to.

So this is why when I asked my husband what he thought I should do today, he practically yelled, “nothing.” I asked, “so you don’t mind if I just sit on the couch all day while you work on the house?” He said, “No. I need you to recover and every time you do something you hurt yourself, so just sit there!”

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