The Good Stuff

I have recently posted a couple of depressing blogs. At least they seem so to others that love me. I want to make it clear that I do not find them depressing.

I use this blog to be able to say the feelings I am having that I do not readily tell people who ask how I am doing. I always want to say β€˜Great!’ and it is not healthy to keep every sad moment inside.

I also use it to sort my thoughts and to share with others facing similar challenges how I deal with it.

The other most important part of how I am using my blog right now is so that others who go through the HSCT for MS, or are looking into it, know what to expect. And of course to make them fall in love with the honesty I write with so they will want to buy my book when it comes out! πŸ™‚

The truth is, most days for me are really good. And no matter how hard times can seem, every day is better than the constant pain and inability to take care of myself I was going through before I got the transplant.

I would like to share some good things going on right now. I am surviving my first bad cold. Although it is tough to get anything done, I do not seem to be developing pneumonia. πŸ™‚

And I read about Ottawa publishing their study done 15 – 20 years ago. It was the first one, with a 100% success rate, which gives me a firmer hope that this is actually a cure. After I recover completely, I will probably never have to deal with MS again! This is amazing, and no matter what I go through, I am thankful for this every day.

And our house in Arizona is almost done; it is less than one month until we move. I will have a world-class doctor at the Mayo Clinic, and the dry air will be the best possible recovery for me. And my whole family will be together again. My husband will sleep with me every night!

Things are looking really good.

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