The Miracle on 94th Avenue

I was in my bed writing, when my husband pointed out that I had yet to blog about me being accepted into Seattle at the last minute.  More accurately, the insurance changed their policy to cover my treatment, I was accepted into their study long ago.  Just day’s before we transferred the money to Italy, we got the news.  They want me to get the procedure done in Seattle, and they want to cover it completely.

This sort of thing doesn’t just happen.  It is a miracle, and it has lifted a tremendous amount of stress from everyone.  No more language barrier, no more worry about the unknown facility, and no more worrying about the flight home with no immune system!  It all happened because of my husband’s tenacity and ability to make things happen.

He worked his way up the food chain at his employer, met with the right decision makers, and was able to convince them to change the insurance policy contract language, enabling my transplant to be covered by the employer’s plan.  I will now be having it done at the BEST facility in the world. They are a Center of Excellence and they have done more Stem Cell Transplants than any other facility in the world.

With all this sudden change, although it’s a good thing, it’s a bit crazy-making!  But at least it’s easier to pack for, its close to home and everyone can visit me and bring me whatever I forget to take with me.  🙂  It is a true blessing!  I’m am so grateful for all of the Grace I have received.

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