The Moment

I work in inside sales, so most of my day is spent on the phone. I have worked for the same company for seven years now, so I know many of my customers very well and we talk about our personal lives as well as business.  Yesterday, I was talking with one of my customers about my blog and how I try to be really positive about everything despite whatever difficulty I may experiencing at the time, and he told me something that my mother has been telling me for a long time.  He said that a very difficult thing to accomplish, but one necessary to be completely happy, is to learn how to live in the moment.  Stop worrying about the past or the future, and just be where you are right then.

The moment I am in right now is a very good one.  My husband was nice enough to take both big kids to the store and the baby is napping.  It is completely quiet here except for the sound of the wind making the trees dance and the chimes sing outside my window.  I am sitting on the couch and I have a cup of coffee and a glass of water on the table beside me so I don’t have to get up.  I am still in my nightgown and I have a super soft blanket covering my bare legs.  My cat is curled up on my legs and I can feel the vibration as he purrs.

My challenge to you this week is to find at least one hour that you can stop thinking of the past or future, and let yourself be in the moment.

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