The Power of a Positive Attitude

My Dad asked me if I could send him a couple of my blogs that I think show how I keep my spirit up.  His friend had asked him how I could stay so positive all the time, so he wanted to send him some of my blogs that outline how I keep my thoughts positive.   I asked how his friend knew I had a positive attitude if he didn’t read my blogs.  “Because I talk to him,” was my dad’s response.  I was thinking about this on my run yesterday, where I always get my best thinking done, and it occurred to me that I stay positive because I don’t see any other choice for me.

I was diagnosed with MS when I was 24.  I have always had a pretty easy life up until that point.  I got severely depressed, loss the use of my arm and hand, and have dealt with many different symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to severe pain and loss of physical abilities.

Luckily, I have almost completely recovered from most of the relapses I have had.  It is not a choice for me to give up.  I have never been one to give up.  I don’t stay positive because I do not see the scary part of it all. I am fully aware that I may be handicapped some day.

But today, I can run, so I do.  Today I can work, so I do.  Today, I can be successful, so I do!  There is not other choice for me, because I will not give up.  I have too much to offer this world, and my kids need me.  I have to be positive to keep up with all I do.  I will stay strong until there is a cure, because I will not lose.  MS is a thing that affects me, but it does not define or control me.  Everyday I workout, I win.  Every time I make a plan for the future, I win.  I am a winner, and I will not let that change.

Find your inner winner today, and do something great!

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