This is Me

Symptoms of True Depression:

  • You don’t want to leave your bed
  • Complete exhaustion
  • Inability to stop crying
  • Not caring about personal hygiene
  • You don’t want to talk to anyone



Benefits of it as part of the disease:

  • You can recognize what it is and why you have it
  • Knowing why you have these horrible thoughts and feelings
  • You can wait it out, because that’s all you can do
  • Eventually you learn to explain it to people
  • You can ask for help



The Bright side of MS in these Situations:

  • It is a symptom of your disease; this is not you
  • I know that ‘this too, shall pass’
  • I can rationally ask people for help because I am currently not functioning



The hardest part of this being part of your disability:

  • You don’t want to tell the people in your personal life what is happening
  • They all want to know why you are not taking their calls
  • You cannot talk without crying
  • You don’t want the people you love to worry about you when you know you can handle it



I know exactly what is happening right now. I am depressed. This is causing both emotional and physical symptoms. This depression is a symptom of my disease. It is hard for me to ask for help, but I know I have to. It is painful for me to tell the people I love what is currently happening. I do not want to talk to anyone, see anyone, or leave my bed. But I know from experience that this is just another symptom of the damage done to my brain by the demyelination of MS. I can still get up and take care of what I have to, mostly for my children’s well being, because I completely understand what is happening to my thought process right now. I will not let anything bad happen in my house.




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