To All My Followers

I have now moved up to Seattle for three months to start my treatment.  My blog up to this point has had two main purposes: to help myself figure out what’s really going on in my head, and to motivate others to turn their thoughts from the negative to the positive.  I will not take down my blog, and I will return to it, but for the duration of my treatment I need to have a new focus.

Because this new focus is mostly medical, I will be putting entries into  This will allow me to be both very frank about how I’m feeling and not worry about how to make it positive, and it will allow my caretakers to make entries on my status when I’m simply not up to it.

Please visit this new site if you are a fellow MSer as I truly believe this is the cure to MS.  My prediction is that it will be mainstream in about ten years.  I am blessed to be able to go through it now.  I am currently writing a book about the whole process in the same sort of tone as my blog has been, yet with the medical and negative thoughts included.  Look for that to be published in a few years! I hope it to be a best seller!  🙂

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